Test Announcements

Fall UPT & UT Test 2022
08-12-2022 6:00 am
Luckiamute Valley Pheasants
Fall Natural Ability Test 2022
08-14-2022 6:00 am
Luckiamute Valley Pheasants
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Chapter training activities are for you and your dog. In the short time that we may work with your dog, our focus is actually on showing you how to train your dog so that you can progress together in achieving your training goals. Dogs have tremendous capacity to learn – we just have to figure out how to communicate to them what we want. The ultimate goal is for dog and handler to function as a team when hunting and to enjoy being together whatever the activity. Training sessions are also a great place to meet other members with common training goals who might join you in future dog training activities.

Monthly Training Days

Organized training days are typically held the last Saturday of each month March through July with the focus being on working with young dogs, e.g. introduction to birds, searching, and holding point, primarily activities evaluated in the Natural Ability Test.  However, all dogs are welcome at training days where experienced trainers can answer questions, demonstrate training techniques and suggest means of solving any training problems you may be having. To participate in the training day, birds need to be purchased/arranged ahead of time.

Training Birds

Most of our training with young dogs is done with quail (searching, pointing, re-locating) and pheasants (tracking).  We require you to purchase a training package to participate in the training day. The training package will provide all the quail contact and pheasant tracking a young dog can handle at a single session.  Cost is $20 for the package.  Quail are also usually available for sale @ $4. If there is sufficient demand we will try to locate chukars for field training and ducks for Duck Search preparation for the UPT and UT tests. 

Additional Training Activities

In addition to the monthly training days, we hold at least one Duck Search training day for UPT and UT fall test entrants. The chapter is also organizing a series of training activities to address fundamental obedience elements so essential in training a dog to a high level of hunting performance. These are designed to make your dog a better hunting and personal companion and serve as a stepping stone to owners who wish to test their dogs at higher levels (UPT or UT).

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