Test Announcements

Fall UPT & UT Test 2022
08-12-2022 6:00 am
Luckiamute Valley Pheasants
Fall Natural Ability Test 2022
08-14-2022 6:00 am
Luckiamute Valley Pheasants


About the NAVHDA Testing System

NAVHDA provides an accurate, complete performance evaluation on each dog tested.

Valid, meaningful tests for versatile hunting dogs must  be conducted in an environment that reflects actual hunting conditions, and they must test the important qualities of a good versatile dog. Judges must be knowledgeable, consistent and objective, and all testing and evaluation should reflect the extent to which dogs are productive hunting companions. NAVHDA tests have been designed with these requirements in mind. In addition, our database provides an accurate, searchable, and complete performance evaluation on each dog tested.

In order to eliminate direct competition between dogs, entrants in a NAVHDA test are judged one at a time, by three judges, with their performance scored against a standard. The only exception to this is the Invitational Test, in which dogs are braced in the field so each dog can demonstrate its willingness to back and work effectively with another dog. Prizes are awarded on the basis of numerical scores achieved in the test. Each dog that meets or exceeds minimum standards in all areas of work is placed in one of three categories: Prize I, II or III. If all dogs entered in a NAVHDA test perform well, all can receive a prize.

If you are interested in testing your dog or learning more about the specific tests we offer, please see the Test Entry Guidelines along with the Aims, Programs & Test Rules.

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